Looking Closer at the EDRM: Identify, Preserve, Collect

By | November 30th, 2017|Uncategorized|

In our last blog, we spoke about EDRM, or the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, considered the definitive guide to the recovery and discovery of electronically stored information, or ESI. Our last blog was an introduction to the EDRM and its utilization, and for the next few blogs we’ll be taking a closer look at the individual steps of eDiscovery in building and presenting a case. As EDRM lists best practices when it comes to the access and utilization of Electronically Stored Information (or ESI), it’s best to start off with a quick and simple look at sources of ESI: Desktop and laptop computers Tablets (think like an iPad or other multi-use tablet) Servers Hard drive storage units Mobile devices like cell phones, Blackberries, etc Emails, professional and personal Each of these potential sources of ESI may have different types of information, although often information formats overlap, especially with the advent of multiple-use tablets and smartphones. Types of ESI include: Text messages Photos Emails Word Documents Excel files Other loose digital files Other multimedia and digital information Now that we have taken a look at sources and types of ESI, we can get started on taking a closer look at the best practices outlined in the EDRM. […]