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eDiscovery & Computer Forensics, Trial Presentation, Appellate Support, and Court Reporting Services

With over 2 decades of experience supporting the legal industry, Legal Eagle is South Carolina’s premier legal service provider, offering unparalleled support and service to law firms and attorneys throughout the state.

Leverage the power of litigation technology to process enormous amounts of legal documentation or eData for eDiscovery or computer forensics. Take on appeals cases that you wouldn’t normally consider by outsourcing the complicated legwork to us. Create compelling evidence displays and even get assistance during trial by using our Trial Presentation support.

Born and bred in Greenville, South Carolina, Legal Eagle has a passion for helping attorneys and boutique law firms get the technological edge that will empower them to compete with big national firms. Our Greenville-based focus means we can come to you, explore the challenges you’re facing, and implement a plan for success.

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Litigation Technology is Changing. Legal Eagle Can Help.

New technologies are emerging all the time, and the modern world relies heavily on these innovations. As our methods of communication change, so does the information that might be relevant during an investigation or appellate filing. Legal Eagle works alongside attorneys and law firms in Greenville to help them sift through hundreds of thousands of pages of paperwork, text messages, emails, PDFs, and more to locate the most essential information relevant for their case.

In addition to electronic data, Legal Eagle also has highly qualified and experienced court reporters in Greenville SC available for depositions, court hearings, government meetings, and more. If you are looking for a qualified court reporter in Greenville SC, we can help!

Our experience working with trial presentation technology makes Legal Eagle a natural partner for law firms looking to produce an effective trial presentation in Greenville SC.

Our trial presentation takes into account the technology available in the court you’ll be presenting your case in, and includes:

  • Exhibit annotation and display
  • Video evidence (including video depositions)
  • Audio evidence
  • Demonstrative creation
  • Backup copies of all documentation and audio/video evidence
  • A “war room” set up
  • Trial director “hot seat” technicians
  • … and more

Legal Eagle’s litigation support services help you to prepare and present the most effect case on behalf of your clients. We serve law firms and attorneys in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson.

To learn more about the litigation support services we provide and how we can benefit your Upstate law firm, contact us today at (800) 313-5133 or online at any time simply by filling out the form below.

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