Careers with Legal Eagle

South Carolina Needs Court Reporters.

Can you help us close the court reporting gap?

Legal Eagle is currently searching for court reporters, with potential opportunities available.

Our main office is located in Greenville, South Carolina, but we provide litigation support services throughout the state and have court reporting opportunities currently available in Columbia, York County and the Upstate. 

Our court reporters work primarily on behalf of law firms and attorneys, but may also be called upon for other proceedings, including:

  • Depositions and Video Depositions
  • Court Hearings
  • Government Meetings
  • Civil Service Proceeding
  • Tax Assessment Proceeding
  • Workers Compensation Hearing
  • Arbitration Proceeding
  • HOA: Association Meeting
  • Trade Groups, Clubs, Associations
  • Other Official Proceedings

Are you a qualified court reporter with the ability to offer written, shorthand, machine shorthand, or voice writing transcripts, with the option to produce Realtime transcripts and Rough Draft ASCII as needed? Apply today!

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    Additional requirements include:

    • Certified or accredited school with a minimum of five years experience
    • Willingness to accept a broad range of assignments including depositions, EUOs, probate court, family court, administrative hearings, etc.
    • Willing to travel to York County and the Upstate.

    South Carolina needs court reporters. The justice system grinds to a halt without them.

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