Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics for Legal Clients in South Carolina

In an increasingly digital and connected world, computer forensics becomes an essential aspect of litigation. Computer forensics is the investigation and recovery of information from computers, phones, and other storage server media.

A computer forensic examiner may find crucial information on disc drives, mobile phones, and hosted servers, as well as on email servers, hosting servers, cloud servers, ram memory chips, voice mail, text messaging, and even on camera memory cards.

The evidence found utilizing computer forensics could make or break a court case, and its usefulness should never be overlooked both in criminal actions or civil actions. Evidence found using computer forensics is typically discoverable and authenticated for presentation to the jury in South Carolina and North Carolina state and federal courts.

To assist attorneys and law firms, Legal Eagle offers to schedule a computer forensic examiner to collect information.

The examiner works within the framework of court rules in order to identify, recover, preserve, analyze, and report forensic determinations for use by an attorney in litigation.

A computer forensic examiner shall act with competence, to achieve all requirements in law in order to prove recovery methods were performed consistent with standards set forth in rules of civil procedure and local court rules. Computer forensic evidence is typically accepted by courts if a computer forensic expert can prove the subject evidence is authentic, lawfully obtained, and otherwise admissible.

Computer Forensic Examiner

Techniques utilized by Legal Eagle’s computer forensic examiner include:

  • Cross-drive Analysis: Correlates data on multiple drives.
  • Deleted Data: Recover and extract deleted files from platter sectors.
  • File Carving: Analyze drive for file header to reconstruct data.
  • Live Analysis: Extracts evidence from computer operating system (OS)
  • Stochastic Forensics: Determines existence of data theft.
  • Steganography: Discover hidden data inside digital image.
  • Volatile Data: Recover and analyze Random Access Memory Chips (RAM).

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