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Covid-19 Specialists

The Covid-19 pandemic had a profound impact on industries, corporations, and individuals throughout the United States. As the pandemic eases, we can expect to see an explosion in Covid-19 litigation. The areas in which we have seen and expect to continue to see significant case filings include:

  • Employment Claims (Wrongful Termination, Forced Inoculation, etc.)

  • Vaccine Injury Claims

  • Privacy & HIPPA Violations

  • Insurance Litigation

  • Contract Disputes

  • Government Overreach

  • Business Injury & Closure

Legal Eagle has taken steps to prepare its staff for this coming litigation in order to better serve legal teams with their litigation needs. Legal Eagle court reporting, eDiscovery, and trial technician employees have been versed in Covid-19 terminology, taken WHO (World Health Organization) certified classes, and are experienced in complex healthcare and mass tort litigation. Legal Eagle is committed to helping you and your legal team navigate the new landscape of Covid-19 litigation.


Legal Eagle court reporters, eDiscovery staff, and trial tech members have been educated and are well versed in the complex terminology surrounding Covid-19. Click HERE to receive our comprehensive terminology guide for legal professionals.

Complex Litigation Experience

Complex litigation cases are known to involve multiple parties, lengthy trials, and complex legal issues. These matters often present unusual challenges with high stakes outcomes. It will be important to have a litigation support firm, such as Legal Eagle, who understands the nature of this type of litigation and has the capacity to handle the work.

Mass Tort Experience

Legal Eagle's years of experience in mass tort litigation positions us to provided unmatched litigation support for the most complex cases. Legal Eagle has provided support to legal teams involved with Camp Lejeune, Fort Bragg, Opioid, Asbestos, and Health Services matters.

WHO Certification

Legal Eagle employees have taken certification classes through the WHO on the detection, prevention, response, and control of Covid-19. These classes were undertaken to learn the terminology and issues surrounding Covid-19, ultimately expanding our base knowledge.

Complex Trial & Witness Prep

From preparing and presenting exhibits to daily war room meetings to prep with the trial team and witnesses for the next day, Legal Eagle has the experience needed to give you a distinct competitive advantage when trial is inevitable.

Healthcare Case Experience

Legal Eagle has supported legal teams in trial, eDiscovery, and depositions in matters in which heavy medical knowledge was required. These matters involved the opioid crisis, medical malpractice, healthcare insurance litigation, and other healthcare related issues.


What Our Clients Say

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Meg Thrasher, Senior Paralegal - Nelson Mullins

“A major Challenge in complex civil litigation has always been keeping evidence organized, cross-referenced and easily accessible during trial. With the help of Legal Eagle, we were able to access documents quickly and deliver to the jury an effective multimedia presentation of documents, video, and PowerPoints. Legal Eagle was an important part of our trial team from the early stages of preparation to the end.”

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