Secure Legal Document Archiving in South Carolina

Legal Document Archiving in Greenville, South CarolinaDon’t let your essential case files and legal documentation take up office space you could use for another purposes. At Legal eagle, we offer secure legal document archiving services to clients within South Carolina.

Our highly-skilled legal document management experts will help you painlessly transition your legal practice or law firm’s paper records over to digital storage in our data documents repository.

You’ll save time and money with our technology and training, aiding you or your law firm with the following:

  • case document and exhibit cataloging
  • storage
  • retrieval
  • case document search
  • management
  • document maintenance
  • … and more

Trial preparation services will make sure the important prep work and trial setup is done while you focus on your case and your client.

Copy, Print, & Scan of Case Documents

Legal Eagle utilizes high-speed and large-format printers for the highest-quality results.

All documents can be copied or printed in black and white, color, and large format printing for large exhibit presentations. We can produce rapid, error-free results, even in high volumes, utilizing high-speed scanning for cataloging and indexing case documentation.

Legal Eagle offers to assist an attorney or law firm copy, print, or scan case documents including physical papers, exhibits, video, audio, WAV files, email, raw data, and all forms of files and folder structure to create a searchable system.

A searchable document management system offers increased efficiency. Search for keyword, full text passages, and digital metadata. Easily compile multiple file-type formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe.

By utilizing Legal Eagle for legal document management, attorneys and law firms can begin operating their cases in a crisp, clean, and uncluttered environment with peace of mind, actual knowledge that all case documents and exhibits are quickly searchable and accessible. To get started switching your office or law firm over to a “near-paperless” system with Legal Eagle today, give us a call at (800) 313-5133 or contact us online!

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