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Secure Legal Document Management in South Carolina & North Carolina

Improper handling of legal documents can cost your law firm thousands of dollars in inflated labor costs, compliance violations, or even lost revenue due to jeopardized cases.

It’s been estimated that law firm staff spend as much as 22% of their time dealing with issues related to legal documentation. Whether that time is spent searching for missing information, recreating lost documents, or sifting through thousands of pages of paper files, these challenges reduce productivity and cost your firm money.

Furthermore, as many as 25% of legal workers fail to follow compliance standards for document management and retention!

The sheer volume of documentation that the legal industry produces can seem like an impassable barrier to entry. Legal Eagle is here to alleviate that overwhelm and help you bring your firm into the future.

Legal Eagle is here to help.

Let’s explore how we can reduce your paper overload, streamline your case management, improve your staff’s productivity, and increase the security of your firm’s documents — and ultimately make your firm more profitable. Give Legal Eagle a call at (800) 313-5133 or contact us online.

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Copy, Print, & Scan Case Documents

Offload the headache of dealing with paper documents to Legal Eagle. We can assist an attorney or law firm with copying, printing, or scanning case documents including physical papers, exhibits, video, audio, WAV files, email, raw data, and all forms of files and folder structures to create a searchable system.

Trial preparation services ensure the important prep work and trial setup is done while you focus on your case and client. We can even digitize your important evidence exhibits and assist you with their presentation in the courtroom. Learn more about our Trial Presentation services here.

All documents can be copied or printed in black and white, color, and large format printing for large exhibit presentations. We can produce rapid, error-free results, even in high volumes, utilizing high-speed scanning for cataloging and indexing case documentation.

Legal Document Digitization & Storage

Legal Eagle can take your paper documentation and build a robust database to empower you to manage your resources more effectively. A searchable document management system offers increased efficiency, reduced human error, and higher security. Search for keywords, full text passages, and digital metadata. Easily compile multiple file-type formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe.

By utilizing Legal Eagle for legal document management, attorneys and law firms can begin operating their cases in a crisp, clean, and uncluttered environment with peace of mind and the assurance that all case documents and exhibits are quickly searchable, accessible, secure, and compliant.

Our highly skilled legal document management experts will help you painlessly transition your legal practice or law firm’s paper records over to digital storage in our data documents repository.

Legal Document Archiving in Our Data Documents Repository

The resolution of a case can leave behind enormous amounts of paper that you can’t simply dispose of. Take advantage of legal document archiving services from Legal Eagle.

The document repository offered by Legal Eagle consists of a dedicated private network and private storage. Attorneys and Law Firms utilize a document repository through Legal Eagle in order to store confidential case documents, ESI documents, and other case documents securely.

The hardware, storage, and network are dedicated to legal applications with no connection to insecure consumer traffic.

With a dedicated cloud storage system designed to be completely secure, you’ll be able to access your stored data quickly and painlessly, without filling up your physical space with file cabinets and paper boxes. Incremental daily backups and full weekly & monthly backups mean you won’t lose a single piece of important legal information.

Attorneys and law firms receive best-in-class dedicated cloud hosting, a facility rated TIA Tier IV Certified. SSAE 16 Certified (SSAE 16 effectively replaces SAS 70 as the authoritative guidance for reporting on service organizations).

The cloud hosting facility is rated Leed Certified.

Mission-critical data center facilities protect and ensure the continued operation of IT infrastructure for more than 500 customers, including nine of the global Fortune 20, and more than 100 of the Fortune 1000 companies.

The document repository facility Legal Eagle utilizes for attorneys and law firms has military-grade security. Perimeter fencing and cameras, 24 x security guards onsite, cameras in data halls, caged area with biometric and coupled card access, and revolving entrance doors and man traps.

The power supply to maintain the legal document repository consists of N + N redundant design, dual power feeds, multiple generators and battery backups, multiple fuel tanks, closed loop water system, and redundant CRAC units.

Archive your resolved case files securely and accessibly with Legal Eagle. To learn more about secure data storage for attorneys and law firms in South Carolina, give us a call at (800) 313-5133 or contact us online at any time.

Features of Data Documents Repository:

  • Dedicated Private Network and Storage
  • eDiscovery & Online Document Review Software Included
  • 256-bit encryption
  • SSAE 16 certified data center
  • Virtual computing environment
  • SSL certificate for private communications
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