New Year's Resolutions For Law FirmsWe’re already more than a week into the New Year, but that’s no reason to avoid setting some goals for 2017! Ignore the naysayers that say New Year’s resolutions are a silly tradition. There’s no better time than now to make changes that will make 2017 your firm’s best year ever.

Here are our five best professional New Year’s resolutions for 2017:

Know Your Core Business

The core business of law firms is a combination of solving legal problems and helping clients cope with difficult situations. An old adage says that lawyers are finders, minders, or grinders.

What operations not related to serving clients can be done better and cheaper by someone else? Choosing to work with a litigation support provider frees up your time to be better spent on research and the one-on-time with clients that your law firm needs to prioritize to stay ahead of the game.

Use Your Resources

Are nonlegal services (such as eDiscovery) difficult to perform correctly?

If tasks like ESI processing and forensic work seem too technical, look to companies that specialize in these areas. With an experienced, quality third-party eDiscovery company, you won’t worry about missing key details that could help build a better case.

Consider Your Risk

What would be the damages for accidental loss or disclosure of your client’s eDiscovery data? What if attorney-client emails were not processed and screened properly?

Mistakes can happen, especially when a firm is operating outside of its core competency.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Today, firms differentiate themselves from competitors in outstanding service and cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing is a way to both reduce costs and improve operating efficiency without disrupting your own internal staff.

Put Your Client’s Interests Over Your Own

Localized outsourced services facilitate better support to lawyers and, more importantly, to clients. Will outsourcing result in overall savings in legal fees to your clients?

Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Today

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