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3 Ways to Simplify Appellate Filing by Working With a Litigation Support Company

While not every litigation support company will offer appellate services, Legal Eagle believes appellate support is an essential service for individual law offices and law firms. Assistance with appellate filing by someone with decades of experience and expertise can help attorneys and law firms cut down on the potential for costly errors and aid in meeting deadlines.

There are a few different ways that working with a litigation support company can help you when it comes to appellate filing. Let's take a look.

1. Utilize Available Services to Proof and Update Existing Briefs

For many law firms, filing an appeal with the S.C. Court of Appeals or even the state Supreme Court is not exactly a common occurrence. Since it often takes years of experience with the ins and outs and regulations of appellate filing in South Carolina to feel confident handling appellate filing, attorneys may struggle to locate anyone in their office who can handle beyond the initial notice of appeal or requesting a transcript from a court reporter.

Any incorrect citation or missing deadline could result in costly delays or a notice of deficiency, and you need someone you can rely on to locate any potential errors that need correction. Finding a litigation support company that can provide this kind of paralegal service for appellate filing will help you get a fresh pair of eyes on your brief, giving you time to correct errors and still file in time.

2. An Experienced Appellate Support Company Can Print and Bind to Court Specifications

Since a full appellate filing involves printing, binding, and presenting as many as 15 copies, trying to balance the needs of clients with the large-scale effort and time crunch involved in appellate filing can be daunting even for larger law firms.

An experienced appellate support partner can step in, take over the details of formatting, printing, and binding according to Court specifications. Legal Eagle is even able to offer the ability to ship and serve the volumes to the opposing counsel.

Your office, meanwhile, can focus on what really matters — representing your client's interests and building and presenting their case.

3. Out-of-State Attorneys Receive Invaluable Support

Many attorneys are licensed to practice in multiple states, which makes it entirely possible they will need to pursue filing an appeal in a state with different appellate filing rules than their own. Every state has a different set of rules and regulations garnering in-state appellate filings, and mixing up rules could be costly for an attorney trying to appeal on behalf of their client.

Partnering with a litigation support company located in the state in which the appeal is being filed allows an out-of-state attorney to make use of their experience and expertise. They'll be able to rely on the knowledge and expertise of their appellate support company and won't need to worry about the extra time, confusion, and potential fees that could result from mistakes or having to file for an extension.

Don't Get Bogged Down in Appellate Details — Legal Eagle is Here to Help

Legal Eagle, a litigation support company in Greenville, SC, is available to provide assistance to law firms and attorneys looking to file in a timely and accurate manner. We have the experience and attention to detail needed to help produce an appellate filing more likely to be accepted by the Court without need for costly and time-consuming revisions or corrections. Contact Legal Eagle at (800) 313-5133 or contact us online at any time to get started.

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