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Legal Eagle Partners with ESI Analyst to Expand Forensic Data Analysis

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

ESI Analyst capabilities expand analysis offerings for mobile communications, corporate chat communications, geolocation, financial transactions and computer activities into one platform.

Legal Eagle, South Carolina’s leading forensic, eDiscovery and trial presentation consultancy, is excited to announce a new partnership with ESI Analyst – a Tidal Change Technologies, Inc. SaaS Solution that empowers collaborative metadata analysis and investigations. ESI Analyst is a standout among investigation tools, allowing forensic examiners, legal teams and experts to tell the entire case story by combining multiple sources of digital evidence in a single platform. This partnership will allow Legal Eagle and its clients to quickly access and analyze mobile communications, email, hard drive data, social media and other modern data for investigations and litigation.

ESI Analyst addresses digital messaging data in a holistic fashion, allowing for review and organization of relevant conversation threads similar as to how they appear in their native application.

By offering ESI Analyst, Legal Eagle and its clients can now quickly upload, analyze and create timelines of mobile communications and chat applications like WhatsApp, Slack and WeChat. Additionally, many new, modern data types like computer user activities, geolocation, financial transaction and social media can be reviewed in one platform.ESI Analyst’s cloud-based platform enables users to quickly isolate and extract relevant information and actionable intelligence from a variety of electronically stored information – most notably mobile phones – and display it in a user-friendly, interactive review platform.

Click HERE for a brief Demo.

Learn more about how Legal Eagle is equipping law firms with advanced technology for tackling modern eDiscovery. If you are interested in demoing any of our technology platforms, contact us for a free, 30-day trial. Contact us online or reach us by phone at (864) 467-1373 (Greenville), (803) 205-0237 (Columbia) or 800-313-5133 (toll free).

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