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Due to the concerns arising from COVID-19, your company may opt for digital solutions to effectively facilitate remote depositions and videoconferencing.

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Video Deposition – An Essential Tool in Litigation Support

Video depositions can be a crucial tool to capture a deponent’s expressions and reactions. The stress and anxiety of litigation can cause the deponent to appear worried, evasive, and combative while answering questions under oath.

Success with video depositions begins by retaining a Legal Eagle videography expert. Legal Eagle offers peace of mind to attorneys and law firms by relying upon broadcast quality, high definition video camera as well as high-gain audio microphones. Legal Eagle offers post-production editing to eliminate long leaders and long trailers and produce MPEG, DVD, or CD-ROM format.

Video Depositions capture the essence of responses. Video footage can be utilized as exhibit evidence such as by depicting event reenactment, onsite inspection, and animation to show the outcome of dangerous, reckless conduct.

Legal Eagle offers voice recognition transcripts. By separating the deponent’s audio responses on separate recording tracks each voice spoken by the attorneys are discrete. Playback of specific responses by the deponent are quick and easy.

Video Depositions can be set up to stream real-time for real-time viewing by a law firm’s team.

They can even made available to insurance adjusters if so desired. Anyone involved in the video deposition can be provided login credentials to participate remotely in real-time. This type of remote group viewing can be advantageous, because the group watching can be assessing the deponent’s responses and offering real-time feedback to legal counsel through private chat.

Video depositions can include analytic notations.

An attorney or law firm utilizing video deposition is capable of performing pre-trial keyword search to narrowly define portions of video deposition most likely to support an attorney’s mission of proof in favor of the client during trial.

Video depositions are far superior than a static transcript and are likely to keep the jury focused on the factual aspects of the case. Video depositions are crucial for use when witnesses are not available to appear for trial. A video deposition can prove an admission of the opposing party.

A video deposition can be utilized by legal counsel to determine whether or not to rely upon a particular witness for trial. Legal Eagle can schedule video deposition for an attorney or law firm at cost-effective price points.

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