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South Carolina’s Premier Legal Services Provider

Since 1994, Legal Eagle has been serving South Carolina and North Carolina law practices with litigation support services ranging from legal documents to eDiscovery to trial presentation support.

We are committed to helping attorneys, law firms and corporate counsel compete with national or even international firms by leveraging litigation technology and hands-on support.

Legal Eagle knows there is a lot to keep up with when it comes to the evolution of litigation technology, which is why we designed our services to bring our technological expertise alongside the legal expertise of our clients to create a partnership that will effectively bring cases to successful resolutions, improve efficiency and productivity, and empower you to deliver a better experience for your clients.

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The Legal Eagle Team


Adam Shirley

Adam Shirley earned a B.A. Degree in economics from Furman University. Adam brings 20 years experience. Adam routinely meets with law firm decision makers to schedule prompt production of all required litigation support services for use in state and federal court cases. Additionally, Adam is an experienced trial "hot seat" technician.

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LeGette Shirley
Owner - Marketing

LeGette Shirley is a highly-skilled communications professional. LeGette offers experience working with clients & agency decision support. LeGette has achieved recognition and awards, including International Association of Business Communicators & Who’s Who of Professional Management.

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Chris Arellano is a talented eDiscovery professional with over 20 years of experience collecting and recovering data for companies, corporations, and law firms throughout the United States. He has held roles such as eDiscovery manager, senior project manager, and senior case manager prior to beginning work for Legal Eagle.

Chris has extensive experience working with various eDiscovery tools such as Relativity, Cloud Nine, ESI Analyst, Nuix, Law Pre-Discovery, among others. He has all-encompassing knowledge of the data collection and recovery process as well as a diverse set of skills including: 

  • Document Management

  • ECA

  • Data Collection, Processing, and Review

  • Pre-Production & Post-Production

  • Project Management 

  • Technical Support including Training Case Teams/Reviewers

  • Creating pricing structures and budget plans for case teams

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Kevin Dehlinger
Director of Operations

Kevin graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Marketing. He later acquired a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Competitive Intelligence Certificate from the Fuld Gilad Herring Academy.

Kevin served as marketing director for a large commercial law firm for five years and has over 22 years of experience in marketing, strategic planning, and operations.

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Deana Pfeiffer
Production Manager

Deana Pfeiffer has been with Legal Eagle since 1997. Deana is a highly-skilled production manager who attacks customer challenges with the solution in mind. Over the course of several decades, a recurring accolade told by law firm clients is praise for Deana’s “competent work” while performing litigation support services.

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Sandra Barger
Court Reporter Manager

Sandra Barger is Legal Eagle’s court reporter manager. Sandra has been involved in court reporting and managing court reporter scheduling for 20 years.

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Lesley Hart
Production Assistant

Lesley Hart joined Legal Eagle in 2023 after spending several years serving the attorneys at the Wyche Firm. Lesley brings her knowledge of the inner workings of law firms to Legal Eagle clients. Additionally, she is well versed in the print, copy, and scan functions need to assist law practices with day to day tasks or trial preparation. 

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Heather Cortez
Office Manager
Certified Forensics Tech

Heather Cortez is Legal Eagle’s office manager in the Greenville office. She assists clients throughout the state with our print copy scan, eDiscovery, and digital forensics services. Heather is skilled in the extraction of data from cellphones, computers, and other electronic devices. She has been  trained in the use of digital forensics tools Harvester and Cellebrite. She is also a Cellebrite certified operator. Heather is graduate of Rhode Island College with a major in Information Systems and a minor in Data Science. 

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Max Fries
Trial Technician

Max Fries is trial technician located in Legal Eagle's Charleston office. Max is versed in the OnCue and Trial Pad software programs. Using this software he has the ability to clip audio/video, annotate, redact exhibits, and provide numerous other capabilities in the heat of trial.

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Kalen Williams
Court Reporting Coordinator

Coming Soon!

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