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eDiscovery is the collection and review of electronically stored information (or ESI), usually for civil litigation or other legal purposes. The legal rules and regulations surrounding electronic information are continuously evolving with state and federal rules of civil procedure sometimes differing from one another. It’s crucial to utilize an experienced eDiscovery partner to ensure digital information produced for litigation is authentic and complete.

Reasons Legal Eagle is Your Choice for eDiscovery

eDiscovery is essential to meet discovery requirements under the Federal and State Rules of Civil Procedure. Evidence is no longer on printed paper, but stored on mobile devices, databases, social media sites, computers, and in the cloud. It is estimated that 90% of all data was created after 2015 and 306.4 billion emails are sent daily.

eDiscovery Guide for Litigation

Legal Eagle provides practical guidance to attorneys and paralegals
in eDiscovery technology and litigation support.

Legal Eagle equips you with a plan to identify, preserve, collect, process, and ultimately review and produce requested documents in discovery or an investigation. We have strong relationships with software companies Cicayda Reprise, iConect, CloudNine and ESI Analyst, which provide cutting edge litigation review platforms.

If you’re looking for answers to commonly asked questions about eDiscovery and computer forensics, or just wondering how they are used during litigation, download our comprehensive guide to eDiscovery in litigation.

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