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Document Archiving

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The buildup of paper and files from old projects, human resource activities, or everyday business can lead to ineffective organization and an inefficient workplace. Legal Eagle can help you effectively archive, manage, safeguard, and retrieve your vital documents and files.

Safeguarding & Archiving
Documents for Businesses

Legal Eagle will help you reduce or eliminate the old files and paper disrupting your ability to conduct business efficiently. We will work with you to streamline the archiving processes, increase efficiency, and produce a more organized work environment. The ultimate outcome is converting your bulk documents into digitized keyword-searchable files that can be easily accessed and freeing up valuable space for you to operate your business.
Legal Eagle takes the "white glove" approach to our document archiving services. Legal Eagle will provide all of the following services as part of its document archiving package:​
  1. Pick-up boxes and files from your location and transport them to Legal Eagle.
  2. Store your boxes and files securely for the duration of the upload process at no charge. 
  3. Scan your files with our high speed scanners converting the files to a digital format.
  4. Deliver your digital files securely and directly to your place of business with keyword and full text passage search functionality.
  5. Securely Return or Destroy your original paper files.

Digital Document Storage Advantages

  1. Reduced Paper Usage

  2. Reduced Labor and Storage Costs

  3. Compliance Standards Met for Document Management and Retention

  4. Enhanced Document Security

  5. Keyword and Full Text Passage Search Function for Archived Documents

  6. Reduced Human Error

  7. Easily Compile Multiple File-Type Formats

FOI Act Response 6-28-22
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