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Court Reporting

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"We have utilized Legal Eagle for many years and have never been disappointed. They have a wonderful and talented pool of court reporters who are always very professional, courteous and accommodating. Accurate court reporting is key to a successful deposition and Legal Eagle never lets us down. We highly recommend this company."

- Grey Wicker - Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC -

Court Reporting Services

Traditional Court Reporting

Legal Eagle offers a network of highly skilled court reporters and language interpreters with vast court reporting experience. Each Legal Eagle court reporter is materially aware of the duties and rules involving state and federal proceedings in South Carolina and North Carolina. The court reporters scheduled by Legal Eagle for attorneys and law firms appear on time and are available for many different types of proceedings, including:

  • Depositions

  • Video Depositions

  • Court Hearings

  • Government Meetings

  • Civil Service Proceeding

  • Tax Assessment Proceeding

  • Workers Compensation Hearing

  • Arbitration Proceeding

  • HOA: Association Meeting

  • Trade Groups, Clubs, Associations

  • Other Official Proceedings

Legal Eagle court reporters offer written, shorthand, machine shorthand, and voice writing transcripts for state and federal courts, and can produce Realtime transcripts and Rough Draft ASCII. Upon request, Legal Eagle can sync transcripts, exhibits, and video footage. Legal Eagle can produce full-size and condensed transcripts, word index, ASCII disk, e-transcripts, and expedited daily copy.

In addition to serving attorneys and law firms, Legal Eagle court reporters can also serve local, state and federal government agencies, courts, trade associations, meeting planners, and nonprofits.


Whether you require the services of a qualified court reporter for work related to a legal matter or are utilizing their services for government, trade associations, or nonprofit meetings, Legal Eagle is here to help.

RealTime Court Reporting

RealTime Court Reporting converts the spoken word into text that can be read, streamed, broadcast, searched, and archived almost immediately. This service will give attorneys and the court instantaneous access to the testimony being given in a deposition or court proceeding. 

RealTime will also provide legal professionals with a livestream feed to remote locations of their choice for other stakeholders to view live testimony without being in the room. The live feed also allows others to view the live transcript and help to aid in the research of information while being at a remote location.

Below are some additional advantages when using RealTime court reporting:


  • Legal teams can easily search the RealTime feed for keywords to locate terminology previously referenced while the deposition is ongoing.

  • The legal teams will have the ability to see the testimony being taken down into a live transcript giving them opportunity to clarify terms for the record and govern the speed at which testimony is given so the information produced is as accurate as possible.  

  • Attorneys can quote verbatim testimony back to a witness.  For example, "Well, but two questions ago you said...."

  • Reports can be quickly created for review during adjournment allowing the legal team to prepare or adjust questioning plans on the fly.

  • Quick marks are able to be added by legal teams during live testimony by pressing the space bar. The quick marks can then be searched and testimony quickly reviewed after the deposition.

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