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Juror Background Checks

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IIn the digital age, lawyers often review juror's social media profiles, property owned, civil or criminal case involvement, demographics, and organization affilliations to gain insights into their attitudes, biases, and personal lives. The interactions and facts can provide valuable clues about a juror's perspective on various issues.

Eagle Eye Juror Background Checks

When a complex case goes to trial, it is appropriate and necessary for legal teams to learn about each juror’s attitudes, values, beliefs, life experiences, and feelings. During the jury selection process, also known as voir dire, attorneys aim to identify jurors who are likely to be impartial and sympathetic to their clients case. By gathering background information on jurors, lawyers can make informed decisions about which jurors to challenge or strike from the jury pool. This process is critical to ensure a fair and unbiased jury.

First, create a profile of the most desirable juror for the case. What attitudes, values, and beliefs of the juror would be best for the case’s outcome? Once that juror profile has been built, attorneys will be better prepared to:
The investigative work necessary to cultivate juror background information will take time the legal team does not have. Legal Eagle can help with its Eagle Eye juror background program. Eagle Eye has the ability to provide the following information for every juror in the jury pool at an affordable rate:
  1. AKAs
  2. Demographics
  3. Employment History
  4. Education
  5. Personal Interests
  6. Relationships
  7. Property Associations
  8. Criminal Filings
  9. Licenses
  10. Addresses
  11. Social Media Accounts
  12. Emotional Analysis
  13. Social Media Profile
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