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Freedom of Information Act Response Requirements

Are you running into issues responding to a Freedom of Information Act? Let Legal Eagle help you navigate your documents and respond quickly, accurately with a quick turnaround time.

We all understand that a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) ensures informed citizens have access to federal and state public records and documents. Often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government, litigators use the Act to secure public information as evidence in a legal case. Personal privacy, national security and law enforcement are often exempt from responding to and providing documents.

Many state agencies face FOIA requests from the press and concerned citizens. Legal Eagle can assist with the many challenges of:

  • identifying information requested,

  • creating a workflow to review,

  • determine responsiveness,

  • and produce the information requested.

You get a call, a small agency you work with received a FOIA request wanting email, documents and other information concerning a contract issued in 2020. Before you know it, you have multiple employees involved searching their email and computers. The employees provide thousands of emails and documents for you to review and respond. Call Legal Eagle as soon as possible.

By using cutting edge technology, our team can collect files remotely, and identify sources of information is the most efficient manner. Documents can be loaded into CloudNine Review – a cloud-based, review platform with excellent pricing. CloudNine Review allows for:

  • early document culling,

  • removing email domains,

  • keywords or dates to reduce your review time.

Documents can be reviewed anywhere or anytime with an internet connection. When the documents are identified as responsive, Legal Eagle can assist with a final production based the specifics in the FOIA and digitize your paper documents for easier navigation and review. For more information contact Adam Shirley at or Tim Thames at

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