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The Impact and Benefits of Trial Technology

You use technology on a daily basis, whether to email and call clients or to read the latest news updates online. So if you aren’t using it in the courtroom, you’re missing out on many benefits. Trial technology can serve as a great asset to your case if used appropriately.

Technology in the courtroom has come a long way: a few decades ago, a VCR and overhead projector were considered high tech. Now juries expect lawyers to give them a sleek multimedia experience. Adding visuals to your case emphasizes key points and increases jury retention and comprehension, but those aren’t the only benefits trial presentation technology offer.

In your law firm office, there’s probably a standard set of actions that occur once you start preparing a case for trial. But technology in the legal industry is advancing quickly, and sometimes it can feel like you’re constantly adapting and evolving to keep up with new software and tools.

The Importance of Trial Technology

You might already know the importance of using images and videos in your trial, as the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. In addition, humans tend to remember 80 percent of what they see, versus just 20 percent of the content they read and just 10 percent of what they hear. Clearly, just talking through the case or even having your audience read documents is not as impactful as showing them supporting evidence. Whether you have images, videos or highlighted blocks of text in a document, it’s imperative that you have a way to show everyone in the room while you explain what they’re looking at.

When you can do that, you have a good chance of speeding up the trial by presenting the evidence in a faster manner. In fact, trial technology can speed up trials by about 50 percent. As a bonus, a shorter trial means the jury is more likely to stay engaged from start to finish. Given these benefits of trial technology, it’s no wonder more legal professionals are relying on the latest tech-based options, such as trial presentation software.

In modern discovery, it’s not uncommon to be dealing with large volumes of paperwork, digital data, and electronic files. Whereas in the past, certain storage options only worked for paper documents, with eDiscovery, it’s important to ensure you have an existing plan to collect, analyze, preserve and recall the most pertinent data for each case. Without the right program in place, you could run the risk of investing in something so complicated that no one in the office knows how to use it. A lack of adoption could lead to compliance issues or lost evidence.

Despite the challenges of rapid development in legal tech, there are big advantages for firms who can implement an agile plan in preparation for court with the help of technology.

Trial Technology: Trial Presentation Software

According to the ABA, attorneys shouldn’t just use technology because it helps their firm, lawyers must be competent in technology to be able to effectively serve their clients. Our South Carolina based company has partnered with Cicayda, Cloud9 Technologies, and PenPoint to ensure that you can use technology to your advantage without it being more complicated than it needs to be.

Just about every trial involves multiple documents and images that judges and/or jurors need to view to make an informed decision. Trial technology makes it easier to show everyone in the courtroom all supporting documents and visuals through trial presentation software. For example, when you come to Legal Eagle for help, we’ll use presentation software that offers dynamic access to any piece of visual evidence. This means we can incorporate any documents, pictures, graphics or videos into a presentation in real time, displaying and even manipulating them as needed so your audience can see them clearly or focus them on the most important information.

With the trial presentation software we use, you’ll be able to zoom in on and highlight key documents and visuals to ensure everyone sees critical information. You can also make notes on the screen during the presentation, and you can even save these changes and admit them into evidence if needed. These are just a few of the features you can expect when you get on board with using technology in the courtroom.

While there are plenty of complex software options out there- you might not need all of them them. As a value-add partner we help you figure out the simple solutions you can use to help your cases and clients so that you don’t have to get bogged down in the decision process. We’ll sit down with you in your office, discuss your current strategies, and make recommendations based on our knowledge of the technology and what we think could help your unique needs.

The correct collection and preservation of case-related data is critical for being able to avoid litigation or to navigate it effectively. Unfortunately, too many firms learn the hard way that mismanagement of data can happy all too easily with disastrous consequences. Need help finding a system that will work for your office? Call us today to discuss how we can help you locate simple and effective legal technology options.

Why hire a trial presentation specialist?

1. Help You Meet Jury Expectations with Visuals

Jurors have higher expectations of visuals, and digest information much differently now than they did 10 or 20 years ago. In fact, 65% of individuals are visual learners. As we move forward in a world of ever evolving information technology, the standards and expectations of courtroom graphics and presentations will continue to grow.

With an experienced Trial Consultant on your side, they can help with your trial presentation and trial graphics to boost the jurors understanding of your complex case.

2. Have a More Polished Trial

Beyond creating visuals that tell the story of your case, an experienced trial consultant can point out holes in your presentation and make suggestions to increase the understanding of the jury and judge.

A trial consultant can significantly boost the aesthetics and flow of your presentation, which will naturally raise the jurors understanding and ability to retain your main points.

3. Keep Up With The Competition

Another reason to consider bringing a trial technician on your team is that the other side may have one. The last thing you want is to be left behind or have your case move considerably slower than your opponent.

Attorneys used to think having a subpar presentation was endearing and made them look smaller or more like an underdog, but that tactic is no longer a factor in jury trials of today. Expectations are much higher for information and how it is delivered. Jurors (and judges) expect quick and concise information.

A hot seat operator will ensure things move quickly and efficiently and that you’re not the hold up, wasting the judge and jury’s valuable time.

4. Focus on What You Do Best

A seasoned trial technician doesn’t just make you look good, they make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about technology and logistics and the jury doesn’t have to awkwardly watch you shuffle around trying to find an exhibit that has already been admitted.

They enable things to move along much quicker in the courtroom, so the jury can stay focused on you and your case, and not be distracted by the team.

If you’re an attorney or law firm looking for trial presentation, courtroom preparation, or other litigation support services in throughout South Carolina, give Legal Eagle Inc. a call! We’re here to help with eDiscovery, court reporting, legal document archiving, and more. Reach us by phone at (800) 313-5133 or contact us online at any time to learn more today!

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