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5 Reasons to Hire a Litigation Services Provider

The legal profession is undoubtedly one of the most challenging professional service industries. Legal professionals have the skills and duties required to service clients in the judicial system; however, they struggle to balance research, writing, preparing, document management, litigation support, and all the other tasks that serve as a backbone for each of their cases.

Litigation service provider (LSP) will increase the productivity of your law practice and help you meet impending deadlines to proactively move your cases forward. They offer numerous capabilities across the litigation lifecycle for small and large clients alike, giving you the freedom to effectively focus on the things that only you can offer to your clients. Combine a reliable LSP firm with the personality and expertise of a compelling lawyer, and you have a winning combination that brings a new level of diligence, attention to detail, and commitment to each one of your cases.

Today, we explore 5 reasons to engage a litigation services provider in your practice:

1. Litigation Support Expertise

Creditable LSPs provide excellent work of the highest quality in specialized areas not frequented by legal professionals. Should any of your cases require niche knowledge, a LSP will have someone on staff who can help, saving you time, money, and reducing risks.

For example, managing electronic files is a necessary part of today’s litigation. Legal professionals who try to handle the eDiscovery process by themselves undoubtedly end up with errors that could cause embarrassment or even worse, the wrath of a judge. Once you verify the qualifications and credentials of the LSP, rely on them to guide you through the eDiscovery process.

2. Cost Effectiveness

From a cost perspective, most law practices cannot afford the costs associated with hiring an in-house technological expert or be able to invest in the computer software and hardware needed to produce the required work products. Not to mention, finding qualified staff members and supplying them with the proper equipment is a significant barrier to entry. Most importantly, most legal practices do not have enough technical work to justify a year-round litigation support team. The obvious solution is to outsource litigation support so project costs can be controlled, and legal professionals can focus on the legal aspects of litigation.

3. Faster Results

Litigation services providers will prevent lawyers from wasting time looking for key information in documents or deposition testimony. Experienced LSPs will provide searchable databases that can narrow a case’s vast amounts of information into more highly-relevant datasets. This process will greatly reduce the level of effort required to get started on discovery production and actual legal work.

LSPs can also turnaround documents and briefs more quickly to meet court deadlines. Ultimately, this means cases are concluded more quickly, saving valuable legal professional time, and freeing up the law practice to take on additional work.

4. Increased Productivity for Legal Professionals

Most law practices are required, but are not built to be, an all-encompassing provider of legal services. The organizational tasks involved in preparing software, cataloging discovery documents, constructing trial books, creating complex trial presentations, and other menial tasks can eat precious time and cause an unneeded drain of mental energy for already extremely busy lawyers and/or paralegals.

Instead, leave these tasks to a reputable litigation services provider. Once the LSP is onboard, the resulting outcome will be a legal team who can focus on using their legal knowledge to build cases for clients and a staff who will be grateful for an enhanced work-life balance.

5. Work Product Quality

When faced with an unfamiliar issue, outsourcing to a LSP that has expertise in the relevant area of legal services provides assurance that you will have quality results. Reputable LSPs can provide insights that are not often considered by legal professionals. This insight can help avoid errors in work, omissions from productions, and enhance the overall quality of the end product being delivered to the client or court. When work is outsourced to an experienced LSP, you can be confident the work will be of the highest quality.

When outsourcing litigation support services, law practices are arming themselves with the tools, expertise, and agility to navigate nearly any legal situation. Litigation services providers will also help law practices win new clients, obtain a competitive advantage, and ultimately add to a firm’s bottom line. For more information on how Legal Eagle can help support your law practice, please go to or contact us at

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