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Cutting-edge litigation technology. Expertise that is second to none. Don’t jeopardize your complex cases by risking the mishandling of your electronic data. Find out what makes Legal Eagle the premier eDiscovery partner for law firms in the Carolinas.

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Digital Forensics

A computer forensic examiner finds crucial information on disc drives, phones, and hosted servers, as well as on email servers, cloud servers, ram memory chips, voice mail, text messaging, and even on camera memory cards. To assist attorneys and law firms, Legal Eagle offers to schedule an on-site digital forensic collection when needed.

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Technology to give you the upper hand in the courtroom. Support to give you the edge to win. From complex exhibit displays to technical courtroom support, Legal Eagle has the expertise to support you in trial and help you achieve a successful resolution to your most delicate cases.

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Trial "Hot Seat" Technician

Legal Eagle offers courtroom technology specialists with the expertise and reassuring presence to ensure that your presentation will run smoothly. Legal Eagle allows your trial team to focus on the big picture.

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Print Copy

Facilitate document duplication  efficiently and responsibly with help from Legal Eagle. Whether you’re looking for help duplicating your legal evidence, or you need support with retired case files or archiving, Legal Eagle has the expertise to provide effective support for your law practice.

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Legal Eagle provides experienced court reporters for depositions, trials, government meetings, and more.


Looking for a court reporting job in South Carolina? Let us know! Schedule a deposition today.

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Turning down appeals cases because you think you can’t take on the workload? Don’t pass up lucrative appellate work just because the process is arduous. Legal Eagle can take the headache off your plate so you can say “yes!” to handling appeals.

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Success with video depositions begins by retaining a Legal Eagle videography expert. Legal Eagle offers peace of mind to attorneys and law firms by relying upon broadcast quality, high definition video camera as well as high-gain audio microphones. 

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