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Legal Eagle's Private Investigator Enhances Forensic Services

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Legal Eagle's forensic services include the use of PinPoint Labs, Talon, Sumuri, and Cellebrite to discover electronic evidence for law firms and corporations.

Legal Eagle Receives Private Investigator Designation

Legal Eagle is excited to announce that our eDiscovery Director, Tim Thames, is now licensed with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division as a Private Investigator to provide computer forensic services. Under the South Carolina Code of Laws Section 40-18-20, individuals “securing evidence to be used in criminal or civil proceedings” must be licensed. This license will allow Tim to preserve electronic data from mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Having the PI designation supports Legal Eagle’s commitment to providing cutting-edge computer forensics.

Utilizing ultramodern methods, tools, and techniques including, Cellebrite, Talon, Sumuri, and PinPoint Labs to unlock digital evidence using scientifically accepted and validated processes is key to our success. Tim mentions, “no legal case is immune from computer forensics, and we see cases with a wide array of evidence from simple text messages and email to more complex computer captures." Employees, employers, parties, and witnesses communicate and work in a digital world, creating massive amounts of data that may be vital to your case. Attorneys are obligated to preserve data early-on in a civil or criminal case and Legal Eagle can work with your team to build a successful plan for securing the vital data.

Adam Shirley, President of Legal Eagle adds, “our commitment and strong tradition of offering the best solutions to our clients is paramount. “Tim’s pledge for certifications in software applications and strengthening the eDiscovery division is viable for both existing and new clients.”

Legal Eagle

Legal Eagle is a legal service provider offering digital forensics, eDiscovery, litigation support, and document management services to law firms and corporations. Established over 25 years ago, Legal Eagle now has two offices in South Carolina. Tim Thames leads eDiscovery and digital forensics from the Columbia office. He brings 28 years of experience from litigation and criminal practices. You may contact Tim via email, or 803-673-6766.

Do not hesitate to contact Legal Eagle if you have questions or would like to schedule a Zoom meeting to learn more about the services we provide. Call 864-467-1373 or email

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