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Legal Eagle & Pro-Legal Enter into Partnership

Pro-Legal and Legal Eagle have partnered to establish a brick-and-mortar footprint that supports law firms and corporations throughout South Carolina. More specifically, the partnership includes offices in the Upstate, Midlands, and Low Country. The partnership provides Pro Legal and Legal Eagle clients with an expanded menu of service offerings in the Low Country. Legal Eagle and Pro Legal are South Carolina's only locally owned full-service litigation support firm.

Pro Legal and Robbie Kennemur have been serving the legal community in the Low Country for over 25 years. Pro Legal's experience, attention to detail, and work quality are second to none. Pro Legal offers a full array of print, copy, and scan services as well as eDiscovery support. Services include but are not limited to:

  • trial boards and presentations

  • jury and trial books

  • case document scanning

  • load files for eDiscovery

  • eDiscovery Support

Legal Eagle is a multi-faceted legal services provider offering eDiscovery, digital forensics, document management, trial technician, trial presentation, appellate support, and court reporting services. Since 1994, Legal Eagle has been helping South Carolina and North Carolina’s law practices successfully navigate their litigation challenges.

The combination of Pro Legal and Legal Eagle’s expertise and service offerings will offer current and future clients in Charleston and throughout the state:

  • expanded eDiscovery services and support

  • larger scanning, copying, and digital archiving capabilities and capacity

  • state-wide trial technician services

  • state-wide appellate support services

  • data mining capabilities for laptops, phones, and email addresses

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