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Make Room for the New Year With Legal Document Archiving!

2017 is just 10 days away. A new year is a great time for a fresh start, and that's true at work as well as at home. Do you have retired case files piling up in boxes? The buildup of clutter can make it hard to concentrate at work or lead to ineffective organization and an inefficient office.

Legal Eagle is here to help. You can effectively archive, manage, safeguard, and retrieve your case files and vital documents and enjoy three important benefits:

Free Up Office Space

Office space is costly, and you deserve room to breathe. No one in your office should feel like they're working in a glorified storage space! Consider this: one banker box can hold approximately 2,500 pages. A 16GB flash drive can store more than 1 million pages (that's 400 banker boxes)!

Make Retired Case Files Easier to Retrieve

In the event you need to retrieve an old case file, don’t spend unnecessary time, effort, and client expense sorting through banker boxes. If your system isn't well-organized and those boxes have been piling up, you may find yourself frustrated with the time it takes to find one single file when you need it!

Digitized documents can be easily accessed and searched via your computer.

Protect Your Client

You never know when disaster might strike. A fire, flood, or even just a leaky roof could lead to the destruction of hundreds of important files you need to have on-hand! Digitizing retired files allows you to safely archive case files and protect them by having electronic versions to rely on instead of paper versions. Legal Eagle will even back-up your digital files for one year at no additional cost.

Solve Your Archiving Issues With Legal Eagle Inc.

Start to address archiving issues today. Consider Legal Eagle for local, cost-effective, reliable case file and legal document archiving. Reach us by phone at (864) 467-1373 or contact us online at any time!

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