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The Power of Video: Creating Video Depositions to Win Cases

Are you going to trial? Is there a strong witness -- one whose testimony could make or break your case? Carefully, you prepare questions that will elicit the best testimony, and then you take his or her deposition.

During the trial, key parts of that deposition are read into court record. But for some reason, the deposition that was so compelling coming from the witness doesn’t have the same effect when being read in the courtroom.

Video deposition can help you maintain the deposition's effect, without subjecting the deponent to any further stress.

The Power of Video Depositions

Video is interesting and engaging. It turns otherwise dry facts into compelling stories. It brings viewers information that’s immediately accessible with minimal effort on their part. That’s why online shoppers who view product videos are 64% more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t. Chances are, many of those online video consumers are on your jury.

Bring Your Deposition To Life

Inside the courtroom, the benefits of video depositions are pronounced. Video captures a witness’s body movements, voice inflections, and emotion, and in this way, it captures a jury’s attention. A well-executed video deposition is able to tell a story and turn good testimony into great testimony.

Why Outsource?

Because so much is dependent on the strength of your video deposition, it’s important that it gets done correctly. Trust your video depositions to experienced and certified videographers who understand the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4), and the Federal Rules of Evidence which govern the taking of video taped depositions to be admitted into a court of law. Think of it as a smart investment, one that can help you win your case.

For Quality Video Deposition Services, Contact Legal Eagle

We have experience with video deposition and are happy to help, whether you’re interested in having a deposition streamed in real-time, need high-quality video editing services for deposition purposes, analytic notations, or any other video deposition service, we’re here to help. Give us a call at (864) 467-1373 or contact us online at any time to learn more!

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