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Video depositions are far superior to a static transcript and are likely to keep the jury focused on factual aspects of the case. Video depositions are crucial for use when witnesses are not available to appear for trial. A video deposition can prove an admission of the opposing party.


Video depositions can be a crucial tool to capture a deponent’s expressions and reactions. The stress and anxiety of litigation can cause the deponent to appear worried, evasive, and combative while answering questions under oath. Video footage can be utilized as exhibit evidence such as by depicting event reenactment, onsite inspection, and animation to show the outcome of dangerous, reckless conduct. Video Depositions capture the essence of responses.

Video Conferencing Advantages

Due to the concerns arising from COVID-19, your company may opt for digital solutions to effectively facilitate remote depositions and videoconferencing. As courts continue to delay proceedings, it allots some with more time for preparation. Regardless of prevalent contagions, here are top reasons to consider leveraging advanced technology and remote access for videoconferencing, or deposing a witness:

  • Matters out of your control may occur while physically traveling to a deposition, e.g. weather, traffic, illness, emergencies, etc., leaving you behind schedule and forced to cancel last-minute.

  • Considering the price of national and international travel reimbursement and lost time, an 8-hour roundtrip to another state for a short deposition may consume 2-days, severely decreasing productivity and cost-efficacy. The lost time in travel alone could be spent deposing multiple witnesses from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Legal professionals traveling jeopardizes the health and general well-being of employees by increasing the chances of contracting illnesses due to exposure, lack of sleep, stress, etc.

  • Depositions conducted early in a case cause expeditious settling. The credibility of key witnesses is revealed and potentially deemed unreliable, forcing counsel to settle. Thus, saving time and other expenses stemming from lengthy, drawn-out cases.

Power of Video Depo
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